Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday, Monday

 Mondays are good days to start on the next load of pots to help fill the kiln. While Mark is busy working on teacups, I am working on a batch of salt jars.
The teacups will go out for an order due in November. The salt jars are heading to our gallery here, and if not sold,we will take them to the show we have coming up in November at the Luck's Bean factory on 705, less than 2 miles from us.

The teacups will be made one with a handle and one without. The thought of the one without is that it needs more ridges in the body to make it easier to hold on to the cup.

Mark makes some tumblers in this style and those ridges feel good in the hand and do make it easier to hold.

I need to get back to work but not before I share a late butterfly with you that was busy visiting the flowers. He or she was so quick I had trouble getting very close.

This is the warmest October that I can remember.
 For once I am ready for fall, ready for cooler weather.
It's time.

Friday, October 6, 2017

What I am working on

This is my work this past week:
Drawn in pencil, then waxed

Layers of glaze are applied

More glaze

wax is painted over glaze
This has been my slow work this past week, I am ready to apply the background glazes next.
Then hold my breathe when we fire.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Button, button

We all remember playing this game as a kid.
Button, button, who's got the button?
If you don't know how to play this you need to look it up, really.
I have made buttons off and on for some crazy reason or another. A few weeks back as I was working on tiles, I made buttons.
When they came out of the kln I thought they were pretty cute.
I could see these on a  hats, sweaters, kid's clothes, pillows.
Just fun accents.
 I really like those stars, just a whim to cut them and make them into buttons.
I think they are cute.
A word I don't usually use with our work.

Who knows when I will try some again since things are heating up for the holiday season that is coming quick.
Mark also had 3 Tea Pots out of the last kiln that I had glazed in some of the newer combinations we are firing in the electric kiln.
It is a different way for us, but one that we are enjoying.

There is one more that I just could not get a decent picture of, all the shinny black just lets the light bounce right back at me.
I have never declared myself a person who knows how to take good pictures, I just shoot until I get lucky.
Teapot looks better in person.

Hug your loved ones, tell people hell-o as you pass them, reach out with kindness, do good things, life has been a bit hard lately and many are in pain.
I hope we can all find a way to make things better for each other.