Monday, December 11, 2017

This time of year

It is not all about the pots.
Some days you just need to take a walk.

Make sure you can find some time for yourself to breathe a little and enjoy a site or two.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Here comes winter and her wily ways

 It looks as if we will have some winter later today after the best fall filled with many warm days and good colors. The leaves are mostly gone with the exception of the oaks that are holding tight to their brown leaves. 
I get some calls this time of year for gifts to be shipped out.
In the days of internet shopping Mark and I talk more and more about having an on line store. It has been a stone around our neck for many years. I am not sure I want to spend the time on it and yet there may be no way out.
I always think if we picked just 10 items that we could post over and over maybe that would be the way to go.
I think that people are missing out on an adventure by not going out to explore the local artist. It is a different experience altogether. You use to get here on a wing and a pray, but now we can all be easily found on goggle maps. You just plug us in and go.
 So, while I was taking some pictures I just stood in our shop and took some pictures of the pottery we have in stock.
Need a mug?
 We have many.
Need a pitcher?
We can hook you up.
Bowls, now, who does not need a bowl?
 We also carry some local soap made by our friend Laurie.
At the end of this month we will slow our hours and start working on items for next year.
I wonder if there is anything new and different that will come up?
Except bacon cookers- no, I am not making those, ever.

Bundle up, put on the coffee it might be a good weekend to hibernate.
Or, if you are in the adventure mood, come on out.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Quick shots

 Here are some quick pictures of some of the pottery fresh out of the kiln. We are in full pack and ship mode right at the moment. While trying to use the post office site it seems it was out to lunch yesterday. That put us a little behind, but fortunately it is still early in the month. The week leading up to Christmas gets tight and mishaps are more likely to happen. Last year it was a late mailed package that we had to file a claim on. I had a feeling about that one as I packed it, knowing how close it was to Christmas day. If I can give any advice it is to get it in the mail now.
Speaking of which it is back to the shipping department I go.

Tea Pot and Jar Mark

Salt jars Meredith

mugs a plenty Mark

Oh, those favorite large mugs  Mark